Ostional Sunset

The beach of life and death...

Additional information
  • Ostional Sunset was inspired by the beautiful Pacific sunsets on a small black sand beach near my home in Costa Rica.  Ostional is famous for it’s arribadas of Olive Ridley Sea Turtles.  Throughout the year hundreds of mamas come a shore to lay there eggs.  About 55 days later, each little baby turtle must climb it’s way up out of the sand, make it’s way to the ocean and swim for 2.5 years to the same beach on an island off the coast of Japan,  likes it’s ancestors have been doing for hundreds, maybe thousands of years.  The strongest return 2.5- 3 yrs later to Playa Ostional.  They repeat this journey for their lifetime. I am amazed by their ability to do this all alone. Sadly, so few baby turtles survive.  The turtles live a solitary life only getting together to mate when they are about 10 yrs old.

    Ostional Sunset is a 10×20 acrylic on canvas painting that has sold.  I have several sizes of giclee on canvas prints available. Each is gallery wrapped with mirror image sides and is ready to hang as is or framed.

    *Please contact me for processing time and estimated delivery of any size not in stock.  Always Free Shipping on all originals and giclee prints.

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